Schools! Airports! Supermarkets – Wednesday’s Roundup

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The New Jersey Department of Education released its School Performance Reports for 2017-2018. The valuable Spotlight has a tool that let’s you search by county, district or school, while notes the rankings are often criticized as overly simplistic.

“Poorer, urban communities skew toward the lowest performing, and wealthier suburban ones dominate the higher grades,” the Spotlight says and this is true and ok more or less, apparently, but don’t go trying to bribe the soccer coach at Yale or they will hang you from the yardarm.

Michelle Brunetti Post at the Press reports Senate President Steve Sweeney wants the Port Authority to take over the Atlantic City International Airport.

Jeff Van Drew said the move would give, “the ability to almost reinvent the Atlantic City airport with more carriers. That’s something we have always wanted to do.”

Walt West of the nonprofit guiding the search for an Atlantic City supermarket came to the Boardwalk Committee meeting and we plied him with a few questions. See our news in brief

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