Seaview, Blueberries and Why Are We Wasting So Much Time On Dumb Drug Laws? – Thursday’s Roundup

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Stockton sold Seaview for $21 million to one of those collections of letters with the word “capital” appended. ABC Capital or EFG Capital or whatever. Look, the point is that the socialists are coming for your plastic guns.

The Press of AC’s Vincent Jackson has an ace report on this year’s blueberry season, which is winding to a close. Since blueberries are picked by hand, by immigrants, this bullsh*t with the kids in cages at the border has naturally impacted the bottom line.

In unrelated news, these blueberry barons are worth a fortune and Hammonton voted for Trump by 23 points.

10% & 4 Degrees Centigrade 
More New Jerseyans per capita are arrested for marijuana than any other state in the nation, is one fact I learned in this lengthy exploration by the Asbury Park Press. Another is that marijuana possession accounts for more than 10% of all the arrests in the state, if I read that right.

All this for something that’s going to be legal soon and that the former Republican Speaker of the House of Representatives is now a spokesperson for.

I was looking at that map of the world at 4+ Celsius the other day and it shows South Jersey would be uninhabitable. We could hit those temperatures by 2050. In 2050 my kids will be younger than I am now. We could devote some resources to that problem, but instead we’ve built a WPA around bullsh*t drug laws.

The dashing and bewhiskered Gurbir Grewal, our State Attorney General, was spotted at Hayday on Tennessee Avenue yesterday, Amy Rosenberg reports and provides photo evidence.

That place has been open ten minutes and already we have the most hipster thing since Frank Sinatra was a pall bearer at Skinny D’Amato’s funeral.

In other news, Elinor wrote about the Absecon Inlet Sea Wall and how aerial photos of Atlantic City confounded some visiting New York urbanists. For more feats of journalism from across your region, see below:

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