Shoobies, Whales and the Worst People – Tuesday’s Roundup

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House Movers
Avalon Zoppo writes about moving a very old home that used to be in Avalon from Egg Harbor Township (where it was in storage) to Cape May, where it will now live, with the assistance of seven law enforcement agencies.

The shoobies grow tired of putting their houses on stilts and hoisting them into the air. Now they cut them into pieces and drive them down the Parkway instead. My, whatever will they think of next.

Underwater Seismic Blasts
Elsewhere in our coastal environment, Senators Booker and Menendez and Congressman Jeff Van Drew are sponsoring bills banning the use of seismic air gun blasts to find oil off the New Jersey coast. Since drilling for oil off Cape May would be terrible, it is pointless and cruel to torture the whales etc. with sonic blasts in the meantime, especially since some locals have whale-watching businesses.

At first I thought this story was silly, but then I remembered our government is run by internet trolls and found my spirits strangely buoyed by this small act of non-cruelty.

The Worst People 
Elsewhere in posturing, Sam Sutton at Politico covered the hearings in the state judiciary and appropriations committees on marijuana legalization, which enjoys strong public support, where one state senator said the bill marked a descent into a “violent, pornographic nightmare worthy of a Bosch painting” (Sutton’s words) and another said the expungement provisions were cause to rename the bill “the Drug Pusher, the Drug Pusher’s Friend Act.”

So I guess that’s two ‘no’s.’

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