March 19, 2019

Skatepark Groundbreaking

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Local nonprofit Skate AC broke ground Monday on a new skateboard park at the site of the old skate park at Sovereign Avenue and the bay.

The group raised about $15,000 to rebuild the park.
On Tuesday, the crew from 5th Pocket Skateparks, of Langhorne, Penn., were rebuilding the ledges.

Jesse Clayton, of 5th Pocket, said the new ledges would be built to industry standard, cast concrete with steel edging. “It’ll be nice and durable and you can, like, beat it with a sledgehammer,” he said. “It can really deal with the abuse.”

Zack Katzen, of Skate AC, said they’re having an official opening June 21, which is Go Skateboarding Day across the U.S. Afterward, they’re planning a party for 48 Blocks. The next week, the Vans Warped Tour comes to town, “which we hope to leverage into a lot of potential collaborations,” Katzen said.

Clayton said the old quarter pipe from the previous skatepark will be buried in the new concrete ramps.
“It’ll be in a concrete sarcophagus,” he said. But we’ll know it’s in there. “It’s in there—time capsule. Forever.”

3 thoughts on “Skatepark Groundbreaking

  1. What a huge success and affirmation that the public can change this city if they stick with it… way to go Zack, Klotz & SkateAC. Making kids dreams come true.

  2. Thankyou Iraised my 3 sons in Atlanticcity They all skated themand all their freinds couldnt tell you how many tickets I paid for them skating on the streets and boardwalk they were harrassed daily by the police just for skating now that there young men in there 30s hopefully there kids won’t have to go through this cause there is a skatepark trying for 25 years finally Atlanticcity has a skatepark