Sportsball Madness, Pine Barrens Stuff, School Testing Reform and More – Wednesday’s Roundup

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Hi Gang,

Another Weather Event is upon us, and it’s the first big snow storm of the Murphy administration, Ryan Hutchins at the redoubtable New Jersey Playbook notes and adds, “You know, nothing can destroy an approval rating like a botched storm response.” That may be true at the state level. Not sure it’s true at the federal.

Anyway. So far it’s plain rain down here.

Also courtesy of Mr. Hutchins, Steve Sweeney announced a plan to raise taxes on corporations that have net incomes of more than $1 million per year and then send the money to school districts. Phil Murphy said he didn’t see this as an alternative to his plutocrat tax. Nor should you, courteous reader. Nor should you.

See this one from here.

Marijuana legalization is officially “stalled” at least according to this website, Leafly, which covers marijuana policy. They say a high-powered public relations expert is on the case, a’roustin’ and a’ranglin’ up the people against the dangers of the Devil Weed. Shouldn’t be too hard to do.

Elsewhere, in law enforcement, state trooper Frankie Williams, who died in the line of duty, is getting part of a highway named after him. And the ACPD is getting two new K9s, courtesy of the Wonder Bar and Tito’s Vodka. (Wait, seriously?) Not to be a buzzkill, but sometimes those dogs end up costing the citizens more than that initial purchase price.

In fun school news, Phil Murphy pledged to end “high-stakes PARCC testing” and now his acting education commissioner is announcing they’re going to study new ideas and “transition away from and to improve upon the current system of PARCC assessments.”

Elsewhere in schools, here’s an event that puts the FUN in fundraiser!

In sportsball news, a Mainland graduate who was–get this–born without hands hit a hole-in-one while playing golf in South Carolina. The nerve of that kid!

Self-serving woodsy promo: The 29th Annual Pinelands Short Course is being held this Saturday at Stockton’s main campus in Galloway. Cost is $50 and you have to register, but its a fun way to learn about tree frogs and cranberries et cetera. Then on Sunday they’re holding Lines on the Pines, a kind of Pine Barrens craft fair organized by the ferociously tireless Linda Stanton, which you kind of have to experience to understand.

This is their 13th year so naturally the theme is the Jersey Devil. Full disclosure: I’ll be hawking my delightful book there and if you come by maybe I’ll give you a Route 40 sticker. Lines on the Pines is free to attend.

Elsewhere in news across your very diverse region:

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