August 24, 2016

Straub, CRDA Target September For Former Revel Plan Approval

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Glenn Straub, the developer who owns the Atlantic City property formerly known as the Revel casino, and the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority (CRDA), are hoping to finish the approval process to reopen the site by the end of September, according to documents filed with CRDA on Wednesday.

Straub has been complaining to local media about the drawn-out approval process, while CRDA, which governs planning in Atlantic City’s Tourism District, rejected the earlier application because of concerns about access to the site, since Straub wanted to locate a ropes course in the building’s former main entrance.

A successful relaunch for the property is key for cash-strapped Atlantic City and, more widely, for Atlantic County. The Revel property is a top taxpayer and the $2.6 billion site has been a looming empty eyesore on the boardwalk since closing in September 2014.

The application that Straub made on appeal includes concessions and suggested changes to the vehicle access to the property. If CRDA proceeds with the timeline laid out in the documents, there could be a new public hearing on Sept. 8 and the CRDA board could make a decision on Sept. 20.

Straub’s property will still need to get permits and a certificate of occupancy from the city, a spokeswoman for CRDA said in an email.

The documents, filed on the CRDA page here under Revel’s current name, Polo North, include pictures and diagrams of the much-discussed ropes course. The extended application process – it was first denied in June – prevented Straub from opening the property during the summer, but if it can get off the ground this time, there is a chance this could be the kind of family-friendly year-round site that Atlantic City needs.

The headline and paragraph  five of this article were updated Aug. 28 to reflect a comment from CRDA’s spokeswoman.

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