Student Visas, Legal Cannabis, Vikings – Monday’s Roundup

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Student Visas
Vincent Jackson has a cool story about what might happen to the summer economy if employers couldn’t get enough student visas for workers. “With the anti-immigration rhetoric coming out of Washington, D.C., there had been concern over possible change to or limits on the J-1 student work and travel visa program.”

Legal Cannabis
The influential Tom Moran of the Star-Ledger said marijuana will be legalized in New Jersey, it’s just those crafty politicians in Trenton are risk-averse and right now it’s safer to let the other guy take responsibility.

Vikings Softball
The Atlantic City Vikings softball team could become a factor in the Cape Atlantic League under new coach Anthony Nistico, who’s stockpiling talent, Glory Days’ Dave O’Sullivan writes.

Elsewhere, Margate’s Glenn Klotz says the new drainage pipes on the beach are a “developing emergency.” It costs New Jersey $64,000 a month to store Bridgegate emails and other electronic evidence, and Chris Paladino and Frank Gilliam are both celebrating birthdays (h/t to the Playbook). Happy birthtime, gentlemen!

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