Subsidies! Mannequins! Pickleball Courts and More – Tuesday’s Roundup

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Subsidy Report
A group of notorious rabble-rousers including the AARP of New Jersey sent letters to the governor and BPU asking why an independent report has not yet been made public when a decision on the handsome subsides for PSE&G’s power plants could be made as early as Thursday.

In the letter, the groups say they think the plants are profitable and don’t need the subsidies, but my favorite part of this story is the quote from the PSE&G spokesperson.

“We are not aware that there is a Levitan report, what it may include, or how it may be considered by the BPU,’’ said Marijke Shugrue, a PSE&G spokesperson. “And as we have previously announced, if we don’t get the ZECs for all three plants we will shut them down. The cost of New Jersey losing nuclear would be six times the cost of preserving it — including the electric, environmental and economic costs.’’

So there you go. We’re all in this together!

Michelle Brunetti Post and Amy Rosenberg have stories on Formica’s Bakery filing for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. Frank Formica, who is a freeholder and was running for assembly, said two workplace accidents led to big lawsuits.

The bakery supplies the bread for the White House Sub Shop and Tony’s Baltimore Grill, etc. It will stay open under a new owner.

Annals of Suburbia
This is a little far afield, but a dentist in Clifton named Wayne Gangi arranged a Playboy-Mansion-ish yard display full of mannequins in sexy bunny ears, etc., with disco balls hanging from the trees, in honor of Hugh Hefner’s birthday, he says, and his neighbor, who did not share his sense of impish good cheer I guess, cut it down with garden shears, as you do.

Anyway. She has been referred to the county prosecutor’s office. He has restored his mannequins. And added some male mannequins, in response to the critics. This whole thing may have been staged for the benefit of Inside Edition, but if so they got my attention. Watch this space.

In news closer to home: Pickleball! Ventnor’s getting four new courts.

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