Suburbs! Diversity! Fall Has Fallen – Monday’s Roundup

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Happy Monday, Route 40 Roundup Readers! Hope you had a good weekend!

And what a busy weekend it was on the world-famous Atlantic City Boardwalk. On Saturday, they had a longboard competition in front of Showboat and the old Revel casino, and the waves seemed super. The BW also hosted Vagabike VI, a scenic beachfront fund-raising ride organized by Vagabond restaurant. Spotted along the route: Atlantic City Mayor Frank Gillium and CRDA Planning and Development Director Lance Landgraf.

We happened to catch a snap of Kevin DeWald, the eventual winner: 

In realer news:

Whither the Suburb?
What’s going to happen to the New Jersey suburbs? The valuable Spotlight has some thoughts, from the experts.

There are not a lot of Latinx folk among the officers of the ACPD, Lynda Cohen reports. “Despite an ordinance adopted back in 2003 to have at least one bilingual sergeant and one lieutenant, there has never been a Hispanic officer promoted beyond sergeant, noted attorney Jonathan Diego, vice president of the New Jersey Hispanic Leadership Association.”

Elsewhere in diversity, Matt Friedman at the #influential Playbook contrasts the story of Bergen County Sheriff Michael Saudino, who resigned a day after audio of his rants against the “Blacks” leaked to the press, with that of straight-shooting Seth Grossman, who’s posted “dozens, maybe hundreds” of semi-legible rants on social-media, including this one suggesting a “Progressive” Democratic “plan” to “get most white Americans to commit mass suicide.” Or something. Yet, Friedman points out, “no leaders from the eight GOP county organizations in the district have moved to distance themselves from him.”

For more feats of journalism from across South Jersey…

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