Support a Food Charity And Eat Delicious Fresh, Local Fish

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Sublime Seafood Company, tucked away in the corner of the Produce Junction plaza on Tilton Road in Egg Harbor Township, does an amazing fish taco. It’s also run by a guy with a heart, who is on a mission to get more people in the community to eat better food.

Sublime’s owner and chef, Charles Soreth, is pitching the Sublime Seafood Club, which he hopes will both give back to a good foodie cause and get people to eat fresh fish regularly. The 12-week program will give participants two dinner-sized portions of a responsibly-sourced fish each week, plus a recipe and information on the fish. The cost is $220 (that works out to $18.33 a week) and the proceeds go to the Community FoodBank of New Jersey.

Sublime’s fish tacos.

The restaurant participated in the FoodBank’s ‘Feed A Family’ campaign earlier this year and Soreth said it made him more conscious of how many people in the area are struggling for food. “I feel fortunate to be able to do what I do, so to be able to give back to the community is important,” he said.

At the same time, as a long-time local chef, Soreth said he wants more people in the area to try fresh fish and not just the fried variety. Sublime Seafood Company is a restaurant and also a marketplace. You can pick up fresh fish, crabcakes, a salad or a soup and make a meal.”We’re offering something a little healthier, to try and get a higher quality of fish and with everything made in house, nothing bought from a jar or a can,” he said. “We live so close to the beach and there really isn’t a whole lot of great seafood options around.”

The Sublime Seafood Club participants will receive portions of fish that will be wild-caught and local, whenever possible, Soreth said. One week it might be mahi mahi from North Carolina, another week could be cod from Massachusetts.  Pickups will be on Wednesdays from 12 to closing and recipes will be emailed out on Tuesday evening or Wednesday morning.

The first pickup will be Wednesday October 11 and Soreth is asking people to sign up by Friday Oct. 6. But, if you are reading this and thinking you missed your chance, get in touch anyway because he told us he might do an 11- or 10-week program for late signups, if there’s interest. You can go into the restaurant (6825 Tilton Road, Egg Harbor Township) or call 609-380-4612 for details. You can also find Sublime Seafood Company on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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