Daily Roundup

Greystone Hospital, Hefty Price Tags For Managers and the Casino Union Weighs in on the AC Takeover Plan, in today’s Route Forty Roundup
Local 54 President Bob McDevitt issued a statement supporting the state’s takeover of Atlantic City, saying he did not want the town to “flat-line any longer.” Meanwhile an appeals court ruled the Taj Mahal casino could break its contract with union workers. $2.6 Million
That’s the amount Atlantic City’s state-appointed emergency managers are charging for a year’s work, according to invoices compiled by Reuters. “It is not clear what taxpayers have to show for it,” Hillary Russ reports. North Jersey Casino Plan Advances
The state senate budget committee voted 9-2 in support of a proposal to expand casino gambling to North Jersey, NJ.com’s Brent Johnson reports. Senator Jeff Van Drew, D.-Cape May, said Atlantic City would become “a dust bowl” if North Jersey casinos become reality.

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