3rd Annual Brigantine Art Walk

Brigantine Art Walk is in its third season this year. The Art Walk is looking for fine art & fine craft artists to participate in our summer season. Brigantine Beach is a beautiful beach destination attracting visitors from all over throughout the summer. The island offers many activities and a selection of eateries to please everyone’s taste. The Art Walk was established to give Brigantine yet another reason to visit our island.

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No Joy in Shoobietown

We drove to Vermont last Friday, nine hours in the car with the kids, as you do, then turned around and drove home and when we got back the seasons had changed. There was an unmistakable charge in the air, big waves thumping into the beaches, and the wind blew steadily, crisply, offshore, to the delight of the surfers. Our rental house filled up with black flies from the salt marshes. They had followed us in the back door when we tried to have dinner on Labor Day outside, and they now take turns attacking my ankles, then copulating on the kitchen table. But underneath the weather, a more palpable change had taken place.

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