August 29, 2018

The Owner Of The Irish Pub Is The New Chair Of The Save Ellis Island Foundation

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Cathy Burke—as in the owner of the Irish Pub Cathy Burke—was named chairperson of the board of directors of the Save Ellis Island Foundation. They put out a press release August 20.

That’s the Ellis Island where twelve million immigrants entered the United States from the 1890s through the 1950s, one of whom, I think, was my Irish grandfather.

What fun for everybody!

I’ve loved the Pub since I was a little kid and used to watch the cops get slosh-faced there after the St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

Me and Elinor—the other half of Route 40—spent our wedding night there. It was delightful. And a little bit sandy.

Save Ellis Island seems like kind of a big deal. They raise money to rehabilitate buildings on the island, including the Hospital Complex, and they run hard-hat tours of the old buildings six times per day—seven times during the light half of the year (between Beltane and Samhain, for all the Celts out there).

In the past, they’ve also raised money to restore the ferry building and the marine corridors. The press release says Ms. Burke has been involved with the foundation since 1999 and was named to the advisory committee on the unrestored 29 buildings by Governor Whitman.

It may seem a little perverse to celebrate our great-good national inclusiveness, what with the troubles at the border and 538 immigrant children currently separated from their families.

Per Save Ellis Island’s own 990 form, visitors to Ellis Island, visitors to the island “learn about the treatments used at the hospital to cure immigrants of measles, tuberculosis, favus and many other contagious diseases and rehabilitation making it possible for detained immigrants to reunite with their families.”

What will our great-grandchildren learn about us?


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