Things Can Be Insidious, Life Can Be Joy-Filled – Wednesday’s Roundup

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The Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office put out a statement Tuesday on investigations into sexual assaults of Stockton University students, of which there are four now, citing “concerns raised by the public and the media.”

The statement identified two potential conflicts: one, that Prosecutor Damon Tyner’s wife has worked for Stockton since 2013, and two, that Chief Assistant Prosecutor Danielle Buckley is the daughter of Stockton President, Harvey Kesselman. interviewed a law professor from NYU who writes about ethics and said, “My personal opinion is not enough attention is paid to these connections. They can really affect how a prosecutor acts… These kinds of things can be insidious and make their way into decisions.”

Margate Boardwalk?
Nanette LoBiondo has a great story that poses the question many people have been asking lately: Is a Margate Boardwalk even possible?

I’m not going to spoil this, but the story has a cost estimate from the engineers and it’s not totally eye-popping, and it cites a conversation with a DEP official on environmental feasibility.

‘A Long and Joy-Filled Life’
Helen Turner, who was 111 years and four months old, died last week in Linwood. She was thought to be the oldest person in Atlantic County and one of the oldest in the state.

She was a school teacher for 40 years and taught in Margate. In 1997, when she was 90, she was interviewed by the Press of AC, who said she said she was having the best birthday ever.

On Saturday, one of her grandchildren posted on Facebook, “My grandmother passed away on Thursday after a very long and joy-filled life.”

For more feats of journalism from across your region, do see below:

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