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Campaign Silly Money
Christian (We Miss You) Hetrick reports that New Jersey’s “Big Six” state party and legislative committees spent $13.3 million on election campaigns last year, which maybe sounds like a lot until you consider that spending “from super PACs and other special interests” was $45.4 million. Just a decade ago, spending by “independent groups” was 1/142th of spending by the Big Six. Now outsiders outspend them 3-to-1. What could have changed in that time?

More PSE&G Money
Senate President Steve Sweeney took time from his schedule to write an op-ed on our “struggling” nuclear industry and warn against the hazards and perils of low energy prices, which, wait, what?

“At first, low energy prices may sound like welcome news. But energy markets are complex, and New Jersey’s nuclear industry is no ordinary business,” Sweeney writes.

Anyway, to Sweeney is re-pushing that bill to subsidize PSE&G’s power plants, to the likely tune of $300 million per year or something, otherwise the company would be forced to close them down. PSE&G’s a profitable company.

By the way, have you heard of nuclear? Cold, clear nuclear power? It’s the future!

Elsewhere in tax breaks, Phil Murphy signed an executive order that will “review the surge of tax incentives approved” under the Christie Administration. Governor Fiscal Responsibility oversaw $8.3 billion in incentives, Katherine Landergan writes. How many pension Fat Cats is that? Also, the EDA’s getting a new head named Tim, I think.

Tip Your Servers
A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away the Department of Labor issued an edict that employers–i.e. restaurant owners–should not collect for themselves the gratuities or “tips” rightly earned by their waitstaff, but a lot of restaurant owners are big public companies and have a fiduciary obligation to behave as prickishly as possible. They need to take those tips, so they can pass them on to shareholders and earn high marks at the annual meeting. That’s what being a jobs-creator is all about.

Also, because the DOL doesn’t work for you–the laborers–the restaurants are maybe going to be allowed to take waiters’ tips, under new proposals to rescind the old rules.

The valuable NJ Spotlight says New Jersey workers would lose $21 million if the proposal goes through. I’m guessing there’d be a concentration in Atlantic County.

Women Hold Up Half the Sky
I didn’t see a ton of coverage locally about Women’s Marches, but the Press of AC did a thing on the March in Ocean City where they quoted one human, a male human, a former county freeholder in fact, who says he was unfairly vilified. Poor male human!

Anyhoo. Did you know New Jersey has 12 congressional districts, one of which is represented by a female human? That’s more than 8.3%! As they used to say in China, “Women hold up half the sky!” But there are way less than half of them in office. No wonder they’re exhausted. Congrats to Congressperson Bonnie Watson Coleman for doing your part.

Both of our senators are male too.

Your Iggles are going to the Super Bowl thanks in no small part to Nick Foles who finished yesterday with 141 passer rating and threw three TDs, though one was a fleaflicker and the other was when he futzed around patting the ball for 5 seconds before hitting a wide open Alshon Jeffrey. If I were an Eagles coach, Foles, when he wasn’t practicing, would have his head in a bag for the next two weeks, like one of those medieval falcons, lest he start to believe the hype.

Anyway. In Philly, fans accepted their good fortune with their customary grace and decorum. Around 10:47pm last night a guy named “atlas” on Twitter Tweeted, “Someone drove their car up the art museum steps & all the cops are doing is playing Fly Eagles Fly on their speakers. I feel like I’m in The Purge.”

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