Toss-Ups, Bedbug-Sniffing Dogs, Medical Marijuana – Wednesday’s Roundup

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More Medical Marijuana Applications 
Egg Harbor City ok’d a redevelopment plan that would put a medical marijuana grow facility at a boat-building, erm, building that’s currently owned by Dr. Trocki. All this is contingent on state licensing though.

I’m old enough to remember when marijuana liberalization was supposed to benefit African-Americans, as in economically, since non-African-Americans have been locking them up for decades for this thing that’s now going to be a big business.

Anyhow, to recap, there’s a plan to open a farm and dispensary in Atlantic City’s tourism district (as reported here) and another plan in Pleasantville. And at tonight’s AC Council meeting, there will be a vote in support of medical marijuana in the city.

Bedbug Remediation 
To our great shame we missed this story from last week by Nanette LoBiondo on the strenuous efforts to rid the Ventnor Library of its bedbug infestation. The bedbug sniffing dog is named “Bo” and he’s a Dachsund and he’s a smiler.

Less adorably, a cluster of the g-dd-mned repulsive and evil bedbugs was found in the after-hours drop box, which has been cleared and sterilized. They also got a “ZappBug oven” to deal with any leftover eggs. Etc.

Aggrieved Connecticut Millionaire Tom MacArthur is in a dead heat with Andy Kim in the race for the Third Congressional District, according to a new poll from Monmouth University. The Cook Political Report also moved its rating to “toss up” from “Lean R.” MacArthur’s spokesperson said something about the poll’s being a fantasy that ignored how real voters voted.

Well in my fantasy, the Jersey Devil rises out the Pine Barrens each autumn to remove all the fake populists from Ocean County and take them back to Connecticut where they can find some other way to strip protections for patients with pre-existing conditions.

For more feats of journalism from across your region, see below:

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