Troublesome Taxes, Immigration Arrests, Better News – Monday’s Roundup

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Troublesome Taxes
In some neat reporting that came out after the Roundup published on Friday, the Press of Atlantic City’s Christian Hetrick discovered that, in spite of all the hullabaloo over the county getting a lower cut of casino taxes, the casinos will actually pay a half-million more this year to the county. Read it here. But Atlantic County’s administrator said its municipalities are still facing tax hikes because there is a tax credit owed to the city for taxes the casinos overpaid in previous years. In response, a spokeswoman for the state’s Department of Community Affairs (DCA) snippily advised the county to check its math (the DCA is overseeing the Atlantic City takeover).

Fishing on Brigantine beach, via Connie Pyatt.

Immigration Arrests
Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials arrested an undocumented immigrant in a Middlesex courthouse last week. That was in spite of the top New Jersey judge’s request that ICE stop this practice, because it could make witnesses, victims and defendants feel less safe. Read the details, by Matt Katz for NJSpotlight.

Better News
Everyone likes to complain about how bad the quality of their local news is these days. There have been job cuts and advertising is no longer paying the overheads of local TV, radio or news organizations. A lot of stories that people care about go uncovered. We’re trying to do something about that by focusing on stories that you don’t see anywhere else and by building a community of readers who are invested in their local news, in part because they contribute to funding it (become a Route 40 member!) There is also a statewide project to take money from selling two public broadcasting licenses and reinvest that in New Jersey journalism. Read more about that here via Matt Skoufalos at NJPen (Matt is a colleague of ours in the fantastic Center for Cooperative Media, an organization that supports local news in New Jersey).

In the rest of the news from the weekend and this morning, the passenger of a car that crashed into Atlantic City’s bay yesterday is still in critical condition, LoBiondo didn’t think the American Health Care Act was “right for the district,” Atlantic County has the fourth-highest prevalence of AIDS and HIV in the state: read about the AIDS walk and local efforts to support victims, where the animals feast on beer leftovers, and read about plans to add housing and a gas station across from Historic Smithville. All that and more below:

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