Viral Fight-Stopper, A Stockton Story, Intervention for Psychiatric Patients – Tuesday’s Roundup

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Viral Fight-Stopper
An Atlantic City resident, seeing two teenagers fighting in the street while their friends watched, laughed and filmed, decided to interrupt. The video of the fight that turned into two teens shaking hands has now gone viral, Lynda Cohen of Breaking AC reports. The man – identified by friends as Ibn Ali – points out that the fighters’ friends are laughing at them and says they should think of their parents. Then he says, “You all don’t shake hands, I’m not leaving.” And the magic happens. You can watch the video here.

A Stockton Story
“Stockton began with a woman, a rabbi and a vision,” is the headline to this neat profile of Rabbi Aaron Krauss of Margate, who later this week will be honored for his role in helping bring a four-year college to South Jersey. The piece, by The Current’s Nanette LoBiondo Galloway, is a step-back-in-time to the 1960s, when Krauss and community activist Elizabeth Barstow Alton came together to get the college – now University – its start.

Intervention for Psychiatric Patients
NJ Spotlight takes a look at a legislative effort that could bring serious change for psychiatric patients in South Jersey. An Assembly panel is looking at requiring that each county in the state provides programs for locally-based early-intervention services, as part of wider efforts to divert patients in crisis away from hospital emergency rooms.

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In the rest of the headlines from this morning and yesterday, The Press takes a look at how Trump’s budget could affect South Jersey’s environmental and flood-protection services, ACME  is committed to increasing access to Narcan (Naloxone), and lower prices are leading to an Atlantic City buying boom. All that and more below:

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