We Made It – Friday’s Roundup

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The cybesecurity incident at the Galloway Township School District involved two fraudulent wire transfers of $200,000, Lynda Cohen reports.

One of them was recovered.

Moody’s upgraded the City of Atlantic City’s creditworthiness from one set of letters beginning with “C” to the shorter, sweeter “B2” you see above.

On the other hand, a decade ago they said something called a “CDO-squared” was super awesome.

Watery Mystery Music 
In what is surely the strangest story I’ve read this fiscal quarter, some aquatic DJ has been playing weird music over the Delaware Bay straight into the homes of people down near Carneys Point.

“It was like a sickening pulsing heartbeat. We turned up our television, but could not overpower the throb,” Bill Gallo reports one resident’s saying.

Penns Grove police say they’ve narrowed the source down but aren’t yet making any announcements.

Tough but Fair
That Facebook is a Hellhole is both undeniable and the premise of this delightful essay in The Baffler, which posits that young people are abandoning Facespace because of all the old-person anger. “What once resembled an online high school reunion now feels now like the 5 p.m. bitch session at the Peoria Applebee’s.”

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