We’re Back – Monday’s Roundup

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Howdy Roundup readers, we’re back in sunny Atlantic City after our two-week tour of her Majesty’s Commonwealth. Thank you for indulging us. We’re told we missed some casino openings.

Photo of tractor tracks in Vineland by Kate (@k.amari on Instagram)

On the Twitterbox, Jim Kennedy points out the ORC has accumulated a shocking number of “terrible” reviews already, though one I read complained that the problem was the slot machines at the ORC were the same machines they had at the Revel, which they liked (sorry “loved”) so I don’t get it.

I wonder sometimes why we build $2 billion skyscrapers for grind gamblers when a laptop and a portable toilet would effectively accomplish the same thing.

Two suspicious deaths were reported at condo in Ventnor. The Prosecutor’s Office says there’s no “apparent” danger to the public though. Not entirely reassuring.

The Asbury Park Press has a feature on why it’s “easy” to steal from youth sports leagues. “One watchdog estimates that parents spend $800 million on youth sports in New Jersey,” yet “oversight of nonprofits are so lax that it makes theft from youth sports as easy as hitting a T-ball.”

For more feats of journalism from across your region, see below:

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