You Can Be Blasé About Some Things, Rose, But Not About This Wawa – Friday’s Roundup!

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Pension Fat Cats
A bill that would “give some elected officials bigger pensions” moved briskly through a senate panel yesterday, with zero debate and “in roughly one minute” of elapsed time, Christian Hetrick reports. The “pension padding” bill comes “at a time when public workers who are not politically connected have seen cutbacks.” Camden Mayor Dana Redd is singled out as a beneficiary of this happy legislation.

Elsewhere in Fat Cats’s Erin Banco compiled a useful list of the ten largest business subsidies in New Jersey history. Those are when public monies are given to multi-millionaires so politicians can say they support “small businesses.”

At least three of the top ten are deep in the Land of the Norcs (by my count) while the other deals involve JPMorgan Chase, JPMorgan Chase (again), Goldman Sachs and Prudential Financial. Revel Entertainment, right here in Atlantic City, is number two!

Are business subsidies even worth it? Famed millennial-understander Richard Florida says, “the broad consensus among economists who study the subject is that such business incentives do little to alter the location decisions of companies.” His own opinion is they’re “a useless waste of taxpayer dollars.”

The story’s apropos of the $7 billion incentive submitted to Amazon to lure its headquarters to New Jersey.

Waiter Nation + the Fight for $15
What impact would minimum-wage legislation have on industries where tips make up a huge part of people’s pay? The question is especially important in Atlantic County, where so many jobs are in the service industry. We sat down with Chef Michael Brennan (Cardinal Bistro), Michael Fagan (Waiter Nation) and Chrstian Correa (Renaissance man about town) to discuss the shape of things to come. (Podcast)

Beach Flub
Stellar Mel Taylor reports that some residents of the Ocean Club condos are displeased about a development plan before city council for the beach between Morris and Montpelier Avenues. “Is somebody trying to push thru a substantial beach project without proper public notice?”

Only Propertied Gentlemen Should Have the Vote
“The first civil rights legislation to reach Phil Murphy’s desk once he becomes governor may be a bill that will give convicted felons the right to vote, whether they are on parole, probation, or in prison,” the Spotlight reports.

That’s the percentage of New Jersey households prescribed opioids in the last year.

The lede of the day goes to Susan Livio. “Too many New Jerseyans are sleep-deprived couch potatoes — and their government doesn’t spend enough on keeping them healthy.”

Elsewhere in Public Health
Fewer New Jersey teens are smoking marijuana, according to a study. This story notes states with legal cannabis tend to have more teens who have smoked pot (compared to the national average), but teen marijuana use has declined in Colorado since legalization.

In Wawa news: 
Arguably the fanciest Wawa of all time opened and it has seating and beer. (Spoiler: it’s not in New Jersey)

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