You Should Have Run For Senate – Wednesday’s Roundup!

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Seth Grossman beat Hirsh Singh in the R primary for Congress last night. You can read sensitive coverage somewhere I’m sure. On the other side, Jeff Van Drew won his primary rather more easily than you might have thought given all the hubbub.

But the actual interesting political story is that somebody nobody ever heard of got 38% of the votes so rightfully ordained to go to Bob Menendez in the D senate primary.

Lisa McCormick “did not report raising any money” Politico says, yet she managed to win Cape May, Hunterdon, Salem, Sussex and Warren counties and “basically tied” Menendez in Gloucester and Somerset counties, which raises an interesting question, specifically: Why didn’t you run for U.S. Senate this year as a Democrat in New Jersey? You could be Lisa McCormick right now.

I’m trying to remember what happened the last time the Democrats ran a machine candidate people weren’t wild about for national office just because that’s how politics works? It worked out great, I think!

The valuable NJ Spotlight says New Jerseyans are moving “out of the suburbs and back to the cities” and Millennials are driving this “return” (interesting word choice) to the “Garden State’s urban centers.” I’m told they like the strip malls.

Government Work
Does it sometimes feel like your friends and neighbors all work for the Government? In South Jersey, a lot of them do!

We mapped Census Bureau data and found 19 New Jersey municipalities where more than a quarter of the working population is employed by the local, state or federal government. Nearly all of those towns are in Cape May, Burlington, Atlantic or Ocean counties. Read more via Route 40.

For more feats of journalism from across your region, see below:

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