Beach-Drinking, Rents and Which Money Bothers You? – Wednesday’s Roundup

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Rent Is Too D*mn High
You can’t affordably rent a two-bedroom apartment anywhere in the United States on minimum wage, according to a new report that tracks the gap between wages and rents nationally, and New Jersey is one of the more expensive states. Matt Skoufalos’ NJ Pen takes a look at what that means in South Jersey. “This is why New Jersey is number one for millennials still living at home.”

‘Siri, What’s a Taxpayer?’
“Should N.J. taxpayers pay for lawyers for immigrants facing deportation?” asks the provocative question that I’m sure lots of people have answered already.

For what it’s worth, most immigrants facing deportation don’t have a lawyer, but the think-tank New Jersey Policy Perspective thinks they get them and offers an economic rationale, citing $5.9 million lost annually in turnover-related costs to replace immigrant employees who are detained or deported, $18 million in lost wages and $1.6 million in lost tax revenue.

“They should hire citizens,” says one expert.

“We never thought of that!” said no taxpayer ever.

Elsewhere in Why does that Money Bother you but this Money Doesn’t?
The CRDA ok’d $13 million to do up the bathrooms at the Convention Center and replace LEDs (more lights!) at Boardwalk Hall, etc. because it is an investment in our collective future and I’m sure there’s some economic rationale, though I note they weren’t really pressed very hard to provide one.

For comparison’s sake, Phil Murphy wanted $2.1 million for immigration lawyers.

‘For a German it is Extremely Offensive’
In other news, you can drink outside on the beach with your dog in Wildwood at this bar called PigDog.

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