Atlantic Club Deal Off, Zoning Changes – Friday’s Roundup

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Old Casino Deal Off
Stockton’s deal to buy the old Golden Nugget, or the old Hilton or Atlantic Club or whatever they called it at the end, is off now, the parties announced yesterday.

Who remembers the the big bird cages at the old Golden Nugget? I remember them!

In other news, now they’re going to have to find somewhere else to park people.

CRDA’s relocating its zoning office to the City of Atlantic City…City Hall, to create a “one-stop shop for residents and businesses” that will replace the old Soviet system we used to use, where you had to pay at one window, then get a little chit and take it to another window and yada yada yada: land-banking.

Anyway. This might be a nice opportunity to revisit our old thing on zoning and the South Inlet, which touches on that theme a little. We’d like to do more of that and you can support us by requiring your loved ones to subscribe to our daily email.

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