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About 35 Atlantic City residents got together last night at the Masjid Muhammad Mosque on Albany Avenue to talk about the the PILOT bill and the Municipal Stabilization and Recovery Act and IAT money and ACA money and I have to say it’s a little surreal to see so much interest on the part of citizens in the…municipal budget process. But hey I’m new to this.

Maybe part of what was surreal was seeing Imam Amin Muhammad–the extremely knowledgeable head of the mosque–engaged in a lengthy discussion of policy minutia with Tom Lamaine, the old KYW-TV weatherman. I didn’t recognize Tom at first, but when he started talking, the voice is unmistakable. Anyhow. Inspiring! Maybe people are taking their government back.

Elsewhere in state takeovers, many, many people gathered at Brigantine North Middle School to discuss/protest the DEP’s takeover of the north end beach, and the principal at Cherry Hill East said students wouldn’t be barred from the prom for protesting the suspension of a teacher who talked about gun violence. Also, there’s a big storm coming this way!

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