Does South Jersey Get the Shaft? – Thursday’s Roundup!

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Matt Skoufalos, who’s not only the smartest guy in the room but also has good sources, has an in-depth story that adds detail to the situation at Cherry Hill East High School, where teacher Timothy Locke has been suspended after talking about school shootings and students are protesting.

According to one of the students, “Locke’s classroom remarks on February 22 verged on reckless, as he steered the discussion toward President Trump’s remarks about the wisdom of arming schoolteachers as a deterrent for mass shootings,” Skoufy reports.

Over in the valuable NJ Spotlight, former state treasurer Andrew Sidamon-Eristoff takes readers on a wonky joy ride through the intricacies of the New Jersey-Pennsylvania reciprocal tax agreement, and if that’s not sexy enough to get you clicking, consider Sidamon-Eristoff’s claim that, “highly compensated Pennsylvania-resident business leaders used New Jersey-resident employees as political pawns to demand two layers of special treatment: rich corporate tax incentives that all but eliminate corporate tax liability and a special low personal income tax rate for themselves.”

Sounds great for South Jersey!

Meanwhile, former Atlantic City police chief Ernest Jubilee testified about problems with the department’s “Early Warning System” for problematic cops, a Gloucester County resident’s drunken late-night Uber ride cost him $1,635.93, and we could see near-record high tides from the storm this weekend.

Plus, the always excellent Erin Serpico at the Press of A.C. has the latest on the cafe-yoga studio-chocolate-bar-beer-garden project on Tennessee Avenue.

For more news from around the region, see below:

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