October 30, 2018

Bonfires, Mail-in Ballots, Conspiracies – Tuesday’s Roundup

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Chris Franklin at NJ.com has a story on a plan to allow bonfires on the Atlantic City beaches, which for the record sounds awesome to me.

City Council ok’d the idea last week, but CRDA still has to sign off because: takeover.

“Some people are distorting the idea, but there are also some people that like the idea, and big-league taxpayers that live on beach blocks want to see this near them. We are going to work that out and come back to everybody,” Councilman Jesse Kurtz reportedly said.

Also at NJ.com, Lori Nichols has a fun and seasonally-appropriate tour of “unique” headstones in New Jersey cemeteries, e.g. “Here Lies A Traditional Woman Who Took an Untraditional Job and Got Railroaded.” Find your fav!

Mail-In Ballots
Atlantic County has received a record number of requests for mail-in ballots and the clerk’s office is rejecting a lot of signatures. We heard from a few of our far-flung correspondents that their signatures had been rejected, sometimes even when voting in person, and the deputy confirmed the number was higher than usual.

Here’s what to do if your ballot gets rejected.

Atlantic County Receives Record Mail-In Ballot Requests

Rabbi Myers
The AP has a long story on the former Ventnor Rabbi, Jeffrey Myers, who survived the synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh that killed eleven people and injured nine more.

That shooter targeted a synagogue after ranting on social media about how the Jews, specifically the Hebrew Imigrant Aid Society, were funding the “massive human caravans of young men from Honduras and El Salvador invading America thru our unsecured southern border” a conspiracy theory promoted by the President of the United States.

‘Caravan’ Conspiracy 
Elsewhere in caravans, a nice lady at a Tom MacArthur event in Toms River repeated the conspiracy theory, declaring the migrant “caravan” in Mexico was “planned” by someone and that it contained no women and children, and citing a “Facebook post or whatever” as her source, and Congressman MacArthur had to pretend to go along with her because he wants to take your healthcare away and that’s not a popular platform.

EHT Soccer
The EHT boys soccer team beat ACIT 2-0 to advance in the playoffs yesterday, and Coach Pete Lambert became the all-time winningest coach at the high school, GloryDays reports.

Coach Lambert sets EHT wins record as Eagles dispatch ACIT in first round of states

For more feats of journalism from across your region, see below:

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