Spook-tacular Halloween Roundup!

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Happy Halloween Route 40 Roundup-ers!

Hope you’re as excited about this holiday as we are, which is to say very.

On this date in history in 2008, Bruce Springsteen released a song about the Jersey Devil.

In realer news:

$2.13 per hour
There’s a push to raise base pay for New Jersey workers who work for tips and “generally make a baseline of as little as $2.13 per hour.” A new bill would raise that to $8.60. We wrote a while back about the topic of tips and pay (and also did a podcast).

$6.8 Million 
Phil and Tammy Murphy made $6.8 million in 2017 and he spent most of his time running for governor.

Senior Housing 
Vincent Jackson at the Press of AC has a look at the need for senior housing in the area. “It still took years of planning, multilayered negotiations, relationship-building, paperwork and financial sourcing to bring Heritage Village to Galloway, the largest municipality in the state geographically and the third-largest in Atlantic County by population.”

I’m sure this will catch on
Atlantic City has a new slogan, or something. Coined by Harvey Kessleman. And Joe Piscopo. Is this the twilight zone? Anyway! Happy Halloween!

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