Bruce Deifik, George Gilmore, Greyhound Tickets – Tuesday’s Roundup

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Bruce Deifik
Everybody reports the news that Bruce Deifik, the former owner of the casino formerly known as the Revel, died in a car crash in Denver on Sunday.

Deifik bought the casino in early 2018 but lost it to a hedge fund this year. He was scheduled to go before casino regulators tomorrow over allegations of sexual harassment from employees at the casino, Amy Rosenberg reports.

George Gilmore
Ocean County political boss George Gilmore spent $82,000 on a woolly mammoth tusk, the Asbury Park Press reported the other day, citing court testimony. That’s on top of the $33,000 he supposedly dropped on two petrified-wood table tops and thousands of other dollars he spent on Lionel trains, none of which makes Gilmore a criminal, as his lawyer pointed out, though it is still hilarious/terrifying and not a great look when you owe the IRS $1.5 million.

The APP, in a helpful video, notes no Democrat has been elected to a county or legislative office in 23 years under Gilmore, who was a “small-time but ambitious municipal lawyer” in the 80s when he helped elect a claque of Republicans in Ocean County. They then hired him as municipal counsel and made Gilmore “rich,” i.e. someone who borrows hundreds of thousands of dollars from his friends and buys weird sh*t with it. Just like Thomas Jefferson drew it up! #America

New York Bus
Anyway. Back here in Elite Media land, Elinor has a helpful piece on how you can still get discount tickets back to Atlantic City from New York on the bus (or the “self-driving vehicle” as we call it) if you search the Greyhound website using her guidance.

Being irresponsible elites, we don’t have money to blow on tusks or anything, but we have loads of time to organize our plastic bag collection while sitting on the bus. Go Greyound!

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