Budget Season, Wear Sunscreen Etc. – Tuesday’s Roundup

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We missed this last week, but Shelby Vittek for New Jersey Monthly has a very useful essay on the hazards of summering in in New Jersey, etc., with red hair.

“Here’s my survival kit for a day in the sun: sunscreen that is SPF 70 or higher; lip balm with SPF 30; a wide-brimmed hat (for shade to protect my face); a large beach umbrella (for shade to protect my body); a long-sleeved, chiffon shirt (for more protection); and extra towels (to hide under once the inevitable sunburn sets in).”

A Redhead’s Guide to Surviving the Sun

It is budget season and the valuable Spotlight has a story on the “tension” between Democratic leaders and the “high-stakes game” in Trenton with unclear winners. It would be cool if we could cover this story so the danger wasn’t a “government shutdown” whatever that is but rather your government’s ongoing habit of using the $34.7 billion it gets to fart around with every year to reward its allies and treat you, its constituents, as the enemy. We’re getting there.

South Jersey Assemblyman Arthur Barclay stepped down after a domestic violence charge. In a statement, Camden County Democratic Committee Chairman James Beach said Barclay was stepping down for “health reasons.” I wonder if that will turn out to be one of those lies that doesn’t matter because nobody expects you to believe it in the first place. If so, is it still cool to run interference for your colleagues who assault their girlfriends? These are the adults in the room.

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