Budget Speeches, Wawa Drug-Dealing and More — Wednesday’s Roundup!

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Our allegedly liberal media is pulling out its whiskers over Phil Murphy’s budget, which includes a proposed tax increase. You will remember this I’m sure the next time they want to give Amazon $5 billion. Or give a couple hundred million to a profitable power company. Speaking of PSE&G, that bill’s back!

Pro tip: A great way to divert the rabble from the fact you don’t really pay taxes is to rail about how high they are all the time.

Who doesn’t love a good Wawa story? This dude was selling marijuana out of a bathroom. I’m still a little unclear on the details but “Broomhead had documents and ledgers detailing the sales.” #Organization.

Jurors are deliberating in the excessive force trial against the Atlantic City Police Department and officers Glenn Abrams, William Moore and John Devlin, and the Press of AC’s John DeRosier has the enlightening details.

For more news from across the region, see below:




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