Lockdowns, Walkouts and the Process Matters – Thursday’s Roundup!

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School children took to the streets yesterday to press for legislation that might make it marginally harder for deranged persons to murder them by the dozen with high-powered military equipment, a situation the school children have been forced into because the adults have all lost their goddamned minds. You can read about the walkouts in New Jersey here and here if you like.

At Atlantic City High, the school day was interrupted by reports of a weapon outside the school. Turned out it was unfounded.

Elsewhere in system-checks, new Attorney General Gurbir Grewal said he would “not stand in the way of rapidly advancing legislation that would strip his office of authority over the state’s troubled medical examiner system and move it to the health department,” S.P. Sullivan reports.

In the letter, which G.G. sent to Senator Joe Vitale, Grewal said his getting-out-of-the-way would allow the medical examiner office, “to function without risking even the perception of prosecutorial influence — a step forward for the medical examiner system, the criminal justice system, and the people of New Jersey.”

Erin Serpico at the Press of AC has the latest casino revenue numbers. I’m not going to spoil it by saying anything.

In news-person news, Nanette LoBiondo has launched her own publication, Downbeach Pilot. Regular reminder to support your local newshound (you can join our membership program here).

In health news, South Jersey is the unhealthiest Jersey.

Phil Murphy talked about his budget on the radio yesterday, saying “You can’t do everything in one year but this is about tax equity and fairness, about getting back to the basics of investing in education at all levels from pre-K up through higher ed, infrastructure, transit — both rail and buses…”

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