Cold, Homicides, PFAS, Labor – Thursday’s Roundup

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Good morning Route 40 Roundupers! Hope you’re enjoying the balmy weather. I wore my 900-octane down midlayer what I purchased at the Columbia outlet at The Walk at a steep, steep discount to drop the kids off this a.m. and it kept me toasty.

I realize the cold is no joke, particularly with so many people sleeping rough–or semi-rough–but hey we try to keep morale up around here.

In realer news, homicides were down 12% last year statewide! That’s compared with a 7% drop in major cities across the country. In Atlantic County there were 15 homicides in 2018, down from 21 in 2017.

The Cumberland County Improvement Authority backed out of a deal to take 4,500 tons of contaminated soil from a military base in Pennsylvania. “To haul in PFAS-contaminated soil from Willow Grove and dump it in South Jersey would have been a slow-moving disaster,” said Doug O’Malley, director of Environment New Jersey. In related news, the Spotlight is great and you should support them.

This is not really a local story, but Robert Reich, the former Labor Secretary, was on Chris Hayes last night to talk about the Foxconn plant and subsidies, and my favorite part is around the the 4:15 mark where he talks about how manufacturing jobs today pay about half what they did a few decades ago, adjusted for inflation, so “even if they were being created, they’re not great jobs.”

Did Phil Murphy put them up to this?

For more feats of journalism…

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