PSE&G, the ‘Better Business Climate’ and More – Friday’s Roundup

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The New Jersey Rate Counsel said PSE&G and Exelon overstated their costs and understated revenues and should not get $300 million in subsidies, which you might remember was a big fight last year.

In not-really-related news, the company’s Salem 2 reactor was taken offline due to the foul weather, Chris Franklin reports in a story that also includes a video on frazil ice narrated by a robot.

Elsewhere in related-ish news, Brandon Castro at the New Jersey Work Environment Council has an op-ed in the Spotlight on the state’s $11 billion subsidy program, suggesting the policies are working as intended. They just weren’t intended to work for you or me. “They’re written to please moneyed interests, corporate executives, and Wall Street tycoons.” Castro calls for, “direct investments in New Jersey’s critical assets that actually support our communities and working families,” instead.

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