CRDA Auction, The Talented Mr. Menendez and a Pocket History of Steve Sweeney – Thursday’s Roundup

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Oops They Did It Again
Your friendly neighborhood development authority raised just over half a million dollars yesterday selling off some Atlantic City property that, actually, it decided isn’t useful for development after all (after some years of tax-free ownership that prevented anyone else doing anything with it). The Press of Atlantic City’s new reporter David Danzis has the details. CRDA is a glass-half-full kind of place that emphasizes the good news, so it’s best we don’t remind them how much they paid for the land in the first place, or that the city could have used some additional property taxes over the last few years or so.

A Pocket History of Steve Sweeney
Say what you will about the blogger formerly known as Wally Edge, but he cranks them out, and today, apropos of what I’m not sure, comes a history of the 2001 state senate race that saw Steve Sweeney beat out Raymond Zane by 3 points, with the help of The Norcross, with whom Sweeney, “set the record for the most money spent in a legislative race in New Jersey history up to that point.” A momentous day for South Jersey! Don’t let these people tell you Atlantic City’s not a playground for crony capitalists.

Not Down Or Out
Sen. Bob Menendez kicked off his reelection campaign yesterday and Matt Friedman at Politico says that whatever you think of him, you have to be impressed by his organizing skills.

Shaken, Not Shacked
A customer at the new Shake Shack in Marlton demanded to know who made his burger (spoiler alert: because he loved it so much) and a video of his demand went viral and then a journalist at NJ.Com wrote about it and I don’t even know what to think anymore…. Who are the consumers? Who are the advertisers? Are we the bad guys in this dystopia?

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