Croda! JVD! Whitesboro and More – Wednesday’s Roundup

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Croda, the company behind the chemical leak that closed the Delaware Memorial Bridge Thanksgiving week, apologized and said it would pay cleanup costs, Chris Franklin at reports.

“We regret the significant inconvenience this situation had on our neighbors and those traveling in the area,” a company managing director said. You don’t get that much these days!

Jeff Van Drew took a furloughed Tech Center worker to the State of the Union Speech. Marion Kennedy is also deputy vice chairman of the Cumberland County Democrats, Vincent Jackson reports.

Van Drew also took the aisle seat and went in for the handshake with POTUS, as the highly likable LaurieCR on Twitter put it. You can see video here.

Bill Barlow at the Press has an awesome story about Whitesboro, which was established as a town for African-Americans during Jim Crow, and whether it can survive as a community in a new era. What’s lost? What’s gained? Bill does a good job exploring these questions!

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