Dates, Trials, Mea Culpa – Thursday’s Roundup

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For reasons related to my being even lazier than usual yesterday, we included in our roundup old data on the projected reopening date for AC-Philly rail line as if it were kind of new.

Then Phil Murphy yesterday, speaking at the Trop, announced the line would reopen May 12, not May 24, as we roundup-ed yesterday. Anyway the trains are coming back, and there will be two more of them in the morning (arriving in Atlantic City). We promise to do better in future. The end. (Thanks you to Amy Rosenberg for pointing out our mistake on the Twitterbox)

Mayor Trial
Elsewhere in dates, Mayor Gilliam is set to go to trial May 9 over a $5,000 loan he got and allegedly hasn’t paid back to the director of nightlife entertainment at Haven Nightclub. “Godfrey — and possibly the loan — is believed to be at the center of the Nov. 11 altercation,” Lynda Cohen reports.

Elsewhere in trials, Ocean County political boss George Gilmore was found guilty on three of the six tax-related charges he faced in federal court. The jury did not reach a verdict on the charge of tax evasion. His lawyer said Gilmore has no plans to resign.

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