Everything’s Going According to Plan – Monday’s Roundup

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Here is a story about Atlantic City’s mayor and its most famous political operative. See if you can make heads or tails of it. But I think Frank Gilliam has split with Craig Calloway. Or the other way around.

If memory serves, this is not the first time this pattern has played out with respect to Mr. Calloway. The joyful thing is that “dysfunction” like this is a handy tool used to keep Atlantic City a profit center for government agencies who can position themselves as the adults in the room.

The Democratic Committee is set to vote tonight on whether to bring criminal charges against the new mayor they elected, per Mel Taylor.

Atlantic City Democrats Consider Criminal Charges Against Mayor Gilliam

Elsewhere in Grownups, pieces of the Trump Plaza were blowing off the side of the building Friday afternoon, just one of the many weather-related complications facing city residents as they went about their business. Carl Icahn–who recently dumped $31 million in steel-related stock before his friend Donald Trump (the Plaza’s previous owner!) announced steel tariffs–wants $5.6 million in public money to demolish the Plaza. Carl’s 82 and worth $17 billion. #Governance.

Elsewhere in South Jersey, an influential former ironworker is opposed to the Millionaires Tax, PSE&G is taking its ball and going home. And the ‘rasslers and basketballers were pursuing their titles and Glory Days was all over it.

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