Drinking and Beaching – Tuesday’s Roundup

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“We simply don’t have the jail space to arrest everyone that’s underage drinking,” the Wildwood mayor said after a video went viral of two police officers punching a girl in the head.

Sincere question: What does it say about the law if so many people ignore it that it’s not feasible to enforce? And if you did enforce it, the local economy would maybe collapse?

Elsewhere in tourist economies, “Thousands of young people made their annual senior week pilgrimage to the Decatur Avenue beach,” and it was such a catastrophe you’d think they were going to call the National Guard.

“No one was injured, there was no property damage, and the police looked out for everyone’s welfare,” the Margate police chief told Nanette LoBiondo. “They issued citations and that’s what they are supposed to do when someone violates the law.”

I wonder if any of them will end up doing 15 months in jail before being acquitted.

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