EDA, ACPD and Put Down Your Telephone – Friday’s Roundup

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A high-ranking official at the tax-prep firm Jackson Hewitt said, in testimony before a task force on the EDA, that a top executive at the company lied to get a $2.7 million tax incentive to keep them from moving to Florida or New York even though they already had a deal for a site in Jersey City, the Spotlight reports.

The company had gotten a $2.5 million tax break under an earlier program and wasn’t meeting the jobs-creating requirement for that when it applied for this second incentive. Fun times.

David Danzis at the Press reports 50 people showed up at City Hall to support ACPD officer/city resident Huan Le.

An internal affairs investigation led to disciplinary charges against Le for improper use of force and not submitting the right paperwork, Danzis reports. Given that internal affairs stands up a tiny portion of of excessive force complaints (two out of 570 between 2007 and 2014, or 0.35%) it’s surprising that they got the wrong guy here. Or maybe it isn’t.

Anyway, Councilman Jimmy Cheng of the fifth ward said Le was being scapegoated. The case is being heard by Steve Perskie.

Texting and Driving
Elsewhere in policing, cops in a number of county jurisdictions will be targeting persons texting behind the wheel as part of a “U Text. U Drive. U Pay.” campaign directed at distracted drivers.

Eating, drinking, grooming, futzing with the radio, futzing with Google maps are all things they can issue a ticket for, so put your phone down and enjoy the spring weather.

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