EDA in AC, Turtles, Football, Priests and more – Thursday’s Roundup

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Turtle Trade
Avalon Zoppo at the Press has another cool story, this one about the illegal trade in terrapin turtles from South Jersey marshes.

The turtles are caught and sold as pets, or smuggled out of the country where they’re served in restaurants that are into that kind of thing.

The New Jersey State Interscholastic Athletic Association passed new rules to limit contact in practice for football teams to 15 minutes per week. The group says regulations are the most restrictive anywhere at any level.

Predatory Priests 
Catholic Diocese in New Jersey released the names of 188 clergy who were “credibly accused” of sexual abuse against children. A lot of them are local. I know I recognized a few.

My colleague/spouse (Happy Valentime’s!) Elinor at Route 40 has a honking story, imo, about the state tax incentive programs that everyone’s fighting over. A disproportionate number of them were allocated to Camden and Atlantic City.

Now I know many of you will roll your eyes and say, “Tell me something I don’t know! Camden and Atlantic City get free stuff is not news.” But I urge you, gentle reader, to consider that narrative in light of the recent analysis by the comptroller.

Are the good people of Atlantic City, for instance, really the intended beneficiaries of these programs? Or is the poverty and disinvestment in a place like Atlantic City just the *occasion* to give out tax breaks and no-bid contracts to wealthy people with suction?

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