Mayors Come And Go, But Power Brokers Are Forever – Tuesday’s Roundup

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So, the Atlantic City Democratic Committee voted to file criminal charges against their mayor, Frank Gilliam, alleging he took a $10,000 donation to the ACDC and put it in his campaign account instead. I guess it makes sense you’d spend lots of time and money getting your party in office, then blow up the most high-profile member two months after he takes office.

On the Twitter Box, Jim Kennedy observes we’ve had seven mayors and two emergency managers since 2000. “AC has a governance problem.”

Elsewhere in Mayors, Sonny McCullough’s not standing for reelection. He’s been mayor of Egg Harbor Township for 22 consecutive years and 28 in total.

Jim Kennedy also says we have a crisis of governance. “The dominance of a few power broker over unengaged citizens has been devastating.”

The People are waking, Jim! They’re waking!!!

Elsewhere across your region, lawmakers slammed the IRS for blocking deductions of prepaid property taxes, an assembly committee debated marijuana reform and the Dead have their stories yet.

Also, read this John DeRosier story on “Who Watches the Watchmen.”

Also, this is North/Central New Jersey but worth it for the vintage Jean Shepherd footage.

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