Everything’s Great – Monday’s Roundup

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Everything’s Great
Thirty-eight percent of New Jerseyans were either living in poverty of classified “working poor” in 2016, NJ Spotlight reports, citing the latest United Way ALICE report.

“Between 2010, when the post-recession economic recovery began and 2016, the number of households in poverty and ALICE rose by 15 percent, according to the report.” ALICE stands for “Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed.”

Matt Arco and Susan Livio have a story on the final push for marijuana reform. Steve Sweeney says he doesn’t have the votes and Phil Murphy “needs to help” while, wait a minute? The headline says “Murphy and Sweeney point fingers” but so far I’m only seeing the one finger.

Andy Kim is a Terrorist or Something 
Tom MacArthur’s running an ad that says Andy Kim has “ties” to Bill Ayers.

Laugh all you want but that stuff works.

Meanwhile, read about the Kim door-knocking campaign here.

USPS Intervention

Your postal service has altered curbside mailboxes in Atlantic City and Ventnor because of recent damage (the officials are declining to detail what exactly happened). Read more via Route 40 and adjust your plans if you have a return or something larger than an envelope that you were hoping to stick in a mailbox in or around AC.

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