Exxon, FEMA, Mayor Gilliam – Friday’s Roundup

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Exxon Suit
New Jersey A.G. Gurbir Grewal is suing ExxonMobil, which is the ninth-largest corporation on the planet or something, for dumping toxic waste in a tidal zone in East Greenwich Township, NJ.com reports.

You may recall Chris Christie let Exxon pay $225 million to settle a $9 billion lawsuit in 2015 when he wanted to be president.

Anyway, Exxon had $72 billion in revenue in the fourth quarter of 2018, so I doubt we’re really dropping the “hammer” on anyone, as Grewal said, but good on him I guess.

FEMA Buyouts
NPR did a story the other day about FEMA-funded property buyouts from 1989 through 2017 that found the acquisitions–where they take flood-prone homes and turn them into green spaces–most often happened in neighborhoods that were more than 85% white and non-Hispanic. “For context, the U.S. is 62 percent white and non-Hispanic,” the story says.

Elinor who is kind and smart searched the database and found there was not one FEMA buyout in Atlantic City. Nor is there any from anywhere on Absecon Island or the surrounding towns, so…

Gilliam v. Everybody Part VII
Kim Guadagno, who was lieutenant governor under Chris Christie and lost the governor’s race in 2017 by 15 points, is representing the plaintiff in a $5,000 civil lawsuit against Frank Gilliam, the mayor of Atlantic City, the little town that time forgot.

I really have zero interest in defending Mayor Gilliam (no offense) but seriously what in the hell are these people up to.

Serious, outside non-criminal persons most of whom do not live in Atlantic City raised $500,000 to get Gilliam through the primary and general elections and get sworn in January 1, 2018

In February 2018, his own party accused him of stealing a $10k check.

In April, the ACDC filed a civil suit related to the same check, after the criminal complaint was dismissed.

In November he has his fight outside the nightclub.

December: the FBI raids his house.

Now it’s March and an entertainment director at the nightclub is suing him and Kim Guadagno is the lawyer.

I mean, maybe Gilliam is the second coming of Bugsy Siegel, or maybe he did something to piss off half the New Jersey political establishment.

Atlantic City Dem Mayoral Candidate Pulls In Big Bucks From Outsiders

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