Rowing, the Business Community – Monday’s Roundup

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Guy Gargan at the Press has a nice story on the fundraiser for Stockton’s crew program where they honored rowing coach Stan Bergman and announced the Alton and Endicott families will provide funds for two new boats, which cost about $40,000 a piece, the Press reports.

Some of you may know Elinor is an accomplished rower but she is English and they do not buy their boats. Instead, young rowers are required to steal them, in the traditional naval fashion, in daring midnight raids against the French and Spanish coasts. (Ed – this is not true. I did do this, however, and I think it would be awesome to see bumps racing on the bay.)

The Business Community
NJTV has an interview with Tom Bracken, who is on the board of NJTV and also heads New Jersey’s Chamber of Commerce, who says the business community has been, “ignored, taken for granted, taxed at an increasing rate, overly-mandated and vilified without justification.” They got a several trillion-dollar federal tax cut, many billions in state tax subsidies and we are the wealthiest society in human history, but they have to talk like this or you’ll forget we live on different planets.

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One thought on “Rowing, the Business Community – Monday’s Roundup

  1. The small business owner is increasingly taxed as larger powerful corporations with lobbyists get the lion-share of subsidies and benefits. To site the industry tax cuts and the country’s wealth in relation to the situation is akin to citing it for any American who might say they feel as though they’re being treated unfairly…”we live in the wealthiest nation on earth and most Americans pay little or no taxes”. The reality is the increase in taxes on businesses raises consumer costs, lowers employee wages and/or benefits, and, in some cases, causes the business to relocate outside of NJ. I have been on both sides of this metaphoric fence and neither side is right or wrong in perspective. The only constant is the government’s wastefulness and inability to create a sustainable business plan.