Floods, Attacks, Microbreweries and More – Monday’s Roundup

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The flooding over the weekend was the worst “since Hurricane Sandy and Winter Storm Jonas,” Ventnor Emergency Management Coordinator Donna Peterson told Nanette LoBiondo.

In our neighborhood, the fire department was called out to Winchester and Annapolis Avenues and while they were out they saved a cat that was stuck in a crawlspace that was filling with water.

We compiled some of the videos and photos from the flooding.

Syringe Services
The Atlantic City needle exchange is hoping to delay its transfer to a mobile unit, we report.

A former Ventnor rabbi was among the congregants at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh Saturday, which was attacked by a terrorist with an AR-15 who killed 11. Rabbi Hazzan Jeffrey Myers survived the attack. His son told the Press of AC he’s doing ok.

Assemblyman Joe Howarth of Burlington is co-sponsoring a bill that would allow microbreweries to hold as many special events onsite as they want and have food trucks and do off-premises events and not have to give tours and deliver beer to peoples homes and some other stuff, NJ.com reports.

This is in response to the special ruling issued a few weeks ago from ABC Director Dave Rible that would have put limits on at least a few of those things, if I remember correctly. So this is the Dave Rible Blowback bill? I’m not a lawyer.

There was football over the weekend. St. Augustine lost to Williamstown, and this kid kicked a 41-yard field goal for Mainland with 8 seconds lift to beat Ocean City and put them in the playoffs.

CRDA’s spending $9.1 million to “overhaul” the thirty-two (32) bathrooms at the Convention Center so they had an event where local dignitaries got to smash the old toilets with sledgehammers. Why does Jon Henderson get to do all the fun stuff? Also, $9.1 million?

Op-Ed: Trump’s Caravan Hysteria Led to This
We know you didn’t ask us, but since we live in the most immigrant-rich census tract in New Jersey and it’s a week from the mid-terms, we think what Adam Swerwer thinks.

“There is no national emergency, there is no ominous threat. There is only a group of desperate people looking for a better life, who have a right to request asylum in the United States, and have no right to stay if their claims are rejected. Trump is reportedly aware that his claims about the caravan are false. An administration official told the Daily Beast simply, ‘it doesn’t matter if it’s 100 percent accurate … this is the play.’ The “play” was to demonize vulnerable people with falsehoods in order to frighten Trump’s base to the polls.”

For more feats of journalism from across your region, see below:

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