Friday Night Lights, NJ Transit And Climate Change Is Hurting Home Values – Friday’s Roundup

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So much football in the neighborhood! Glory Days has features on the upcoming Holy Spirit and Pleasantville seasons, and the Press of AC has a picture of Leo Hamlett, in front of a leaf-strewn yard, for its feature on the Atlantic City Vikings. It looks like something out of Friday Night Lights (the picture). How that TV show didn’t get better ratings I’ll never understand.

The dashing Ryan Hutchins at Politico reports NJ Transit is “far behind” on installation of safety hardware on its trains, citing a report from the Federal Railroad Administration yesterday, which says they’re at 34%. I hope it’s not like my laptop which is 34% done with updates, then jumps back to 5% done, then up to 60% and so on and so forth. This joke is not panning out.

Since 2005, Ocean City has lost $530 million in property values that would have otherwise increased but didn’t due to climate change, according to a think tank in Brooklyn, which published its model in the journal Population Research and Policy Review (reported by Bloomberg). They say between 2005 and 2017, tidal flooding wiped out $14.1 billion in home values across eight states, and Ocean City was the town hardest-hit, real-estate wise. Here’s a link to the original report. You can see that Atlantic City lost $175 million and Sea Isle lost $208 million over the same period, under the same analysis. Avalon, Brigantine and North Wildwood also make an appearance in the top 20 rankings of towns by property value lost from 2005-2017.

For more feats of journalism from across South Jersey, see below:

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