Gerrymandering, Gigawatts and a Garden State Growth Zone – Tuesday’s Roundup

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Politico is reporting that a bill creating a “Garden State Growth Zone” out to the airport is set to move forward after Notorious Jeff Van Drew and Steve “Suspenders” Sweeney agreed to changes put forward by the governor. (Paywall)

1.1 Gigawatts!
The BPU is seeking bids for offshore wind turbines for up to 1,100 megawatts of capacity. Another 110 megawatts and Doc Brown can send his souped up DeLorean back to 1985!

New Jersey had 39% turnout in the 2017 gubernatorial election, an historic low, according to this person, who is a program associate with the League of Women Voters, and who wants to end gerrymandering, the process by which politicians pick their own voters by cunningly drawing their own voting districts.

Ending gerrymandering would be great. The problem is a whole bunch of weirdos and grifters have a vested interest in keeping you gerrymandered, so you’ll never feel the inspirational energy of representative democracy and be inspired to vote. That way they and their fellow weirdos and grifters will keep a disproportionate share of the cake. Who’s going to win this fall? The grifter-weirdo cabal? Or you, Mr. Apathetic Voter? I watch too much TV.

For more feats of journalism from across your region, see below:

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