Rent Too D*amn High – Wednesday’s Roundup

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Rent Too D*amn High
A bill that would let the state buy up foreclosed homes and turn them into affordable housing was passed 4-0 by the Senate Economic Growth Committee Monday, meaning it moves on now to the Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee. Versions of this bill have been passed in the…*searches thesaurus* past but were always vetoed by Chris Christie, who was a famous softball player.

I like the part of this story where Troy Singleton of LD7 talks about how opposed he is to “regional contribution agreements” that let municipalities send their affordable-housing $ to certain needy communities on the promise of “a huge windfall of dollars coming in.”

“I cannot sit here and tell you how vociferously I disagree that bringing back RCAs will help fix this problem,” Singleton said. “It concentrates poverty in certain communities and it is against the spirit of what the Mount Laurel decision really was.”

Bless the valuable Spotlight for doing these stories.

P’ville Layoffs 
Pleasantville schools are laying off 21 employees as they face a budget deficit, the Press of AC’s Claire Lowe reports. Layoffs are effective October 5 and include Atlantic City 4th Ward Councilman William “Speedy” Marsh who was facilities coordinator.

School $
Elsewhere in school money, has an interesting report on high schools losing money through unlicensed sales of their sports-teams apparel, etc. Even when the sales are licensed the licensing program is “confusing and yields pennies on the dollar for schools.”

There was a time in my life (waterboy, football) when about 80% of my wardrobe said “Holy Spirit” on it, so I’m ready to believe this is a lot of money walking out the door.

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