Halloween Recap, Debate Night, Etc. – Thursday’s Roundup!

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Excellent Costume
Third-grade teachers at Slaybaugh School in EHT dressed as a roller-coaster for Halloween and it was amazing.

Though maybe not as amazing as this one.

Halloween in AC is Awesome
We went to Trunk’ or Treat at Bader Field, then sat our front of our house. There were dozens and dozens of little kids running around in every direction, and they were all (I believe) very complimentary of my jack ‘o lantern collection.

Shout out to Sister Christine from Our Lady Star of the Sea, giving out candy!

Yay Halloween!

In realer news, Seth Grossman said Democrats were responsible for the massacre at a synagogue in Pittsburgh because of their divisiveness, or something, then went down the list of American institutions–from public schools to colleges, to “pop culture” etc., saying they’ve been taken over by “radical leftists.”

Sounds like a recipe for unity and love!

Recall the murderer targeted a Jewish charity that aids immigrants because he thought Trump was insufficiently tough on immigration.

Surf’s Up!
I really typed that.

But read this rad feature in Glory Days about high school surfing in the 80s and how it’s the 80s all over again.

For more feats of journalism…

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